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MintCash Support by Skype

Your own rewards app with MintCash

MintCash is a new innovation in mobile rewards app which has opened the way to integrate any Ad network that serves CPA, CPC, CPI, CPV offers.
It offers various types of integration system such as Webview, API based, 3rd party SDK integration.

Download Demo Backend Demo

Amazing Features

With the help of powerful backend system you can manage almost everything remotely including what type of offers should be fetched from 3rd party networks.

Video presentation


You can download our demo application from download section to watch its live performance.

Pricing Packages

Single App License

$ 300
  • free support
  • all features
  • for single domain

Multiple App License

$ 1,199
  • free support
  • all features
  • 12 projects (67% discount)

Theming & Customization

  • new addons
  • app theming
  • premium support

Download the app

A downloadable APK file added for Android version app.
IOS version of MintCash coming soon...

IOS Demo (TBA) Android Demo

Get in touch

Email: [email protected]

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